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Sketch and Measuring Services

Appraisers measure the house to determine the gross living area (GLA) as part of most appraisal assignments.  What if you don't need an appraisal but you would like to know the GLA of the house?  I can come out to only measure the house to determine the GLA if needed. 

There are situations in which there are discrepancies in the size of the house.  The MLS listing from when you purchased the home may show the size to be much larger or smaller than the city tax record.  Appraisers are required to follow the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards for measuring houses for Fannie Mae appraisals.  I can measure your home to determine the GLA based on the ANSI standards for measuring homes.

Some of the most common reasons for GLA discrepancies:

  • Cape cod style homes in which the attic is finished so the walls on the second floor are slanted.  This limits the GLA due to the limited use of the second floor area.
  • Two-story homes in which the footprint of the second floor is different from the first floor.  For instance, there may be areas on the second floor that are open to the foyer, family room, or other rooms on the first floor.  There may also be a finished room over the garage with slanted walls.
  • Houses with a lot of angles that are not 90 degrees.
  • Houses with additions that were never permitted by the city or not recorded by the city.
  • Houses with an addition that is not fully finished although it may have the appearance of being fully finished.  Is it an enclosed porch or is it GLA?

Call Jeff Ward at (757) 647-6485 if you want to know the true GLA of your home.