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Buying a Home?

Thinking about buying a home from someone who is selling there home as a 'For Sale By Owner' and you aren't sure whether or not it is truly worth what they are asking for it?  An appraisal can tell you. 

Selling a home?

Are you selling your home 'For Sale By Owner'?  Are you a real estate agent and not sure what to ask for a particular property?  I can help.


Are you being relocated by the company you work for?  Most likely you will need a relocation appraisal on your home to assist you and your company in the relocation process.


Unfortunately, divorces do occur.  If you and your spouse owned a home together, you many need an appraisal so you can buy your spouse's interest in the property.


The loss of a family member is a very difficult time in life and settling an estate from a death often requires an appraisal. 

Loan Modification

Have home prices declined in your neighborhood since you purchased your home?  You may need an appraisal to prove to your mortgage company that the value of your home has declined in order to get them to modify your loan.